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"We Help Busy Women Drop-a-Dress Size in 28 Days Without Crash Dieting, Exercising or Counting Calories"
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"let me introduce myself..."

Hi, I'm Alison Griffiths-Brown, co-founder of Wellbeing-4-life, and I've been helping people with their health since 2008 after achieving my own result of dropping 4 dress sizes and subsequently maintaining my perfect dress size for over 10 years.
In my late teens and throughout my 20s I'd always been a size 12; I was reasonably active and felt I ate a healthy, balanced diet. 
Then in my early 30s I started to creep up into a size 14 which I just accepted as I put it down to the clothes in the shops getting smaller - after all the sizes vary in the different shops, right?
But I was starting to feel a bit more "fluffy", as I used to say, and my clothes were getting tighter.

"I'm sure you've noticed this too, right?"

Then one day, whilst in an M&S changing room, I had a wake-up call, a slap in the face when I realised the clothes weren't getting smaller; It was me that was getting bigger!
And I had this real moment to myself when I realised something needed to change...
Perhaps you've had this light-bulb moment too, Right?


(I go through the whole story in my FREE 4-PART VIDEO MINI-SERIES so if you haven't watched it I would definitely encourage you to register for it HERE.)

"That moment got me thinking about other aspects of my life..."

I was tired all the time, drowsy in the afternoon at work and falling asleep on the sofa before 9pm.
I wasn't fitting into my clothes anymore.
I was starting to cover my body up with baggier clothes and not look in the mirror, so as to avoid seeing myself. 

"my health wasn't great either..."

... always getting the coughs colds and worried about my family history of heart disease and if I would end up having a heart attack like my dad had done.
I was going to the gym but then rewarding myself after with a gin & tonic or cake or both! 

"And then feeling guilty afterwards!"

I loved chocolate and couldn't see myself without at least one bar a day. 
I just didn't have the willpower to go on a diet and have to count calories or cut out the foods I loved! 
I love my food! 
So I was definitely not happy about the thought of going hungry and starving myself on some sort of fasting diet.

"Is any of this making sense? "

So, I knew I needed to change something or else things would carry on as they were; with me getting more & more tired, larger & larger, sicker & sicker.
I looked into Sooo many weight loss solutions..
From counting calories and weighing out food (who has time for that?)
To more exercise (which I didn't enjoy)

"I wanted something that was simple..."

...and easy to follow, that would make sure my body was getting all the "good stuff" it required in terms of vitamins & minerals so that I improved my health at the same time and stopped catching all the colds going around as well.
This is when I realised that I didn't like ANY of the pre-existing solutions on offer.
None of them felt "right" for me! I felt "lost"...

"Have you felt that way before?"

That the available options just weren't right for you?
But then I realised I HAD A SOLUTION I'd discounted before...
My husband, Rew, had been having "Meal Replacement shakes" since before I had met him and had stayed the same weight...

"...whilst I had been slowly putting WEIGHT on!"

I'd never tried them, I just dismissed them and wrote them off as "not proper food" but now I was desperate and willing to give them a try.
To my surprise I found them tasty, filling and in a very short time I started to feel better; have more energy; no longer getting a bloated stomach.
I also looked at the other meals I was eating, cooking from scratch much more and learning so much about not only how to lose weight in a healthy way but also how to maintain my result and even improve on it!
I achieved my size 12 again and I thought this is it, I've cracked this weight loss malarkey!
But... gradually... I started to creep back up to that size 14 again and I was like...

"...wait a minute, what's going on?! "

I realised that I was letting old habits creep back into my lifestyle again. 
I was really frustrated with myself and knew I needed a way to not only keep my healthy habits going but hold myself more accountable.
This led me to creating my own system based on my personal experience called...

“The 28 Day Drop a Dress Size Method”

It gave me everything I needed to be healthy, changing my mind-set, eating home-cooked meals & balanced snacks.
I'd never thought it was possible to anything smaller than a size 12 as I'd always told myself my hips were too big BUT...!

"I finally achieved a size 8!!"

My 28 Day Drop a Dress Size Method is more than just a system to help you lose weight.
It's more than guidance, support, recipes, meal plans and shopping lists.
It's the last weight loss system you will ever need!

"Isn't that cool?" 

So... let me tell you what you are gonna get in my amazing 28 Day Drop a Dress Size Method...
You are going to get My Perfect Dress Size Strategy.
I've created one unique clear path for you to follow step by step that will take you through mindset, accountability, healthy habits, personalisation, planning, dropping your dress sizes and then maintaining.
It doesn't matter what size you are right now; it will take you from wherever you are, whatever size you are now, to your perfect dress size.
I’ve done it the hard way, I’ve done all the research, all the trial and error to discover what works so you don't have to.

"This is the EASY way!"

You'll get your own online membership area with video training on demand for each step, whenever you want it via, mobile, tablets, laptop, computer
All the tools you will need at your finger tips!
This is going to save you having to go through the struggles I went through to work it all out

"The next thing you are going to get is.."

A closed PRIVATE Facebook group for you to ask any questions you may have and get my personal support and advice
Interact with me as well as other people on the same journey as you!

"Next you are going to get..."

A 4 week cyclic menu with simple to make, easy, no faff recipes that is going to take you from disorganised, not knowing what to cook, stressed out meal times to cooking easy, tasty, balanced meals like a Pro on Autopilot with the added benefit of saving you time and money!
There is a set for people that are size 12 or over and a different set for people size 10 or smaller to further improve your healthy eating as you drop down the dress sizes.
I cater for everybody: Omnivores, Vegetarian & Vegan!

"And the last thing you need?"

Complete done for you shopping lists for all menus so you won't have to think about every meal and break it down into the individual ingredients

"So to Recap of what you are getting..."

  • My Perfect Dress Size Strategy: (Membership Site + Training Videos) that shows 1 Unique Clear Path with step by step instructions to take you from a size 16+ to a size 8/10
  • Private Group: A closed PRIVATE Facebook community to interact within and ask for advice.
  • Recipes & Plans: 70+ Easy, No-Faff Recipes + 4 Week Meal Plans to have you cooking easy, tasty, balanced meals like a Pro on Autopilot with the added benefit of saving you time and money!
  • ​And 4 Weeks of Done-4-You Shopping Lists

"Over £2000 worth of value!"

That's how much this is worth - £2,177 - but I don't charge anywhere near that amount!
It normally costs £19.99 per month...BUT...
... via this page you can experience everything I've just gone through for 7 DAYS for FREE!

"But that's not all! "

Once your Free 7 Day Trial Experience is complete & you subscribe to my system YOU WILL GET an additional FREE BONUS!
I'm going to send a pack of 6 simple breakfast smoothiesenergising anti-oxidant teas directly to your door!
These are the same fantastic Herbalife smoothies that I got started on and still enjoy every single day!
You make them either with milk or milk substitutes like yoghurt; it takes 30 seconds to make, tastes delicious and is legally classified as a fully balanced meal with protein, carbohydrate, vitamins & minerals.
PLUS you will then be allowed access to my 5 Day and 28 Day Challenge groups on Facebook...
The 5 day challenge will introduce you to the correct healthy habits and the 28 Day Challenges are where you commit to getting your result and dropping dress sizes until you reach your goal!
All done online through closed PRIVATE Facebook groups.
Rather than struggling to know what to eat to achieve the correct balance for meals, or the frequency of when to eat it, or what supplementation to have I will SHOW you daily!
You will learn how to...
  • How to easily balance your Macro Nutrients
  • How to eat with the correct timings
  • ​How to correctly Hydrate
  • ​The importance of Supplementation
 Includes FREE BONUS Breakfast Pack sent direct to your door & access to Challenge Groups once you have subscribed!
You’ll get...
  • More Energy
  • Meal & Snack Ideas
  • Group Support
  • ​Daily Motivation & Information
  • And much much MORE!!!
19.99 p/m
  • After 7 Days, One-off £24.97 payment
  • (Worth £2000+)

"Isn’t that great?"

But do you know what?
To be successful with this you are going to need MORE than information alone.
I know you can be successful with this system but you are going to need coaching.
Let me tell you, I take my job as a coach very seriously and I won’t let you quit on yourself.
We will get through everything together.
I can’t do that with just a few videos and some PDF’s as Information alone won’t cut it.

"I know when people try to go it alone they fail."

If information where enough then you could have just turned to google, right?
You need a guide who has been there before and who can take you there right now.
So you are also going to get direct access to me, nearly 24/7 - apart from when I'm asleep!
I'm going to be there guiding, prompting, motivating... you the daily contact you need.
Can you imagine it’s like having your own personal coach, right?
You will get fantastic group support from others in the Challenges as well as my personal daily 24/7 Support and Encouragement.
 Includes FREE BONUS Breakfast Pack sent direct to your door & access to Challenge Groups once you have subscribed!
So... to finish... on your 7 Day Trial Experience you will get...
  • Online Membership Site + Videos  to take you Step-by-Step through the changes necessary to drop your dress sizes such as Mind-set, Challenge Partners, Challenges, Metrics & Personalisation
  • A Closed PRIVATE Facebook Group for questions & support
  • 70+ Easy, No-Faff Recipes
  • ​A 4 Week Menu with your meals all planned out!
  • ​4 Weeks Shopping Lists all Done-4-You 

"Once your trial has finished..."

...and you subscribe you will ALSO get...
  • A 5 Day Challenge to kick-start your healthy habits
  • ​Multiple 28 Day Challenge(s) to drop those dress sizes
  • My Daily Personal Support & group support from others in the Challenges to keep you on track & motivated
  • + MY FREE BONUS: 6 simple breakfast smoothies & energising anti-oxidant teas delivered to your door!

"What are you waiting for?"

Start your experience NOW!
Click the button and then enter your details and sign-up now and I will see you on the other side!
 Includes FREE BONUS Breakfast Pack sent direct to your door & access to Challenge Groups once you have subscribed!


(Note: Individual results may vary)

 Includes FREE BONUS Breakfast Pack sent direct to your door & access to Challenge Groups once you have subscribed!


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 Includes FREE BONUS Breakfast Pack sent direct to your door & access to Challenge Groups once you have subscribed!
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