•  Short on time?
  •  Juggling meals around your kids?
  •  Clothes not feeling comfortable?
  •  Fed up of buying larger clothes sizes?
  •  Losing confidence?
  •  Not feeling in control of lifestyle?
  •  Getting more and more tired?
  •  Struggling to stick to "healthy eating"?
Learn How I Went From a SIZE 16 to a SIZE 8 WITHOUT Crash Dieting, Exercising or Counting Calories!
Hi ... I'm Alison Griffiths-Brown
I used to struggle to keep myself healthy and trim until, I discovered the secret, to achieving my ideal shape. 

I went from a size 16 to a size 8, and have maintained that result for over 10 years, without feeling deprived or struggling...
My result transformed my life...
...and sparked a burning passion within me to help others regain THEIR health.

Since 2008, I have been helping other women drop a dress size in 28 days WITHOUT crash dieting, exercising or counting calories.
In fact, what I've discovered is...
...most women don’t eat enough to lose weight effectively… that’s right… it might sound counter intuitive, but I guarantee, you will struggle to eat all the delicious meals and snacks required by my program...
My system is perfect for...
...busy, but DEDICATED, women; women like Tamara, who always struggled with her sweet tooth...
...and Holly who was a meal skipper

Both achieved fantastic results once I got them to eat properly, stop starving their bodies and fire up their metabolism. 
...drop a dress size in 28 days IF you are SERIOUS and can follow my direction...
Let me EXPLAIN to you, just how, this risk free program can change your life in...
Discover Our Unique 3 Simple Step Method that is Proven to Maintain Your Ideal Dress Size, on Auto Pilot, Forever! 
What You Will Learn...

Secrets to Success

The exact strategy I used to go from a size 16 to a size 8!

Eat MORE, Exercise LESS!

Why everything you've been told about weight loss is wrong .


Why what you weigh on the scales does not matter!

Behavioural Change

How to Change Your Mindset About "Dieting"

3 Simple Steps

The 3 simple steps slim people know that you don't

The #1 Powerful Tool

A simplified look at your entire drop-a-dress size strategy in one simple and proven path!
How We Help You Achieve Your Perfect Dress Size...
Our Unique Online System
Gives you access to our 28 Day Drop a Dress Size Method including all the frameworks, tools and training videos you need to successfully get from "struggling" and feeling uncomfortable in your clothes to "thriving" and feeling great.

Group Support

Private FB Group to offer support and friendly advice to one another

Essentials Education

Learn a smarter way of thinking about health & nutrition

Personal Mentorship

24/7 Personal 1-2-1 Support from me (except when I am asleep!)

28 Day Challenge

Stick to your personalised plan for 28 days and drop a Dress Size!

5 Day Challenge

Challenge yourself and kick start healthy habits

Menus & Shopping Lists

4 Week Cyclic Menus (separate 4 weeks for meat eaters and vegetarians) with Healthy Meal Menu Cards & Complete done-4-u Shopping List
What Other People Are Saying...

Gemma Redfern

" I'm really pleased with my results 😇thank you x Couldnt have done it without your support. I have noticed my clothes are definitely looser. Especially my work clothes... I feel loads healthier fitter and more energy!"

Tina Cunnell

Brilliant system. I love you are honest in that the effort has to come from me and that there is no magic wand. What I like best is the 4 week food plan with shopping list 😀 working long hours the worst decision of the day is what to cook for everyone and trying to remember what you need as you wander around the shops. So the eating plan is fantastic a real stress reducer that makes my life easier 😀
Simple Easy To Use Tools
An ever growing library of proven easy to use tools to aid you in your drop-a-dress size journey.
You Get 4 Weeks Worth of Tasty Recipes Such As...
Are you ready to be your perfect dress size forever?
Rather than sell one-off items that only solve one part of the puzzle, and often lead to more frustration and overwhelm, we offer a "closed loop" system that can take you from frustrated, confused and not knowing where to start to confident, happy, and achieving the dress size you dream of.

You'll always know the next step you should be taking, with training and support every step of the way
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If you are unhappy for any reason, let us know!

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