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"How to REALLY enjoy eating out with friends & family at YOUR favourite restaurants WITHOUT whacking on the weight or feeling guilty"
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I believe that everyone should be able to lead a healthy active lifestyle and know how to make healthy choices but unfortunately we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages making it harder than ever to know what a "healthy choice" actually is!
Hopefully this Dining Out Guide will allow you to take a step in the right direction towards making informed healthy choices and therefore if you find it useful you may be interested in taking a look at the other services I offer.
Regardless of whether or not you do want to do anything else with me I hope you enjoy the guide!
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Meet Alison,
  • Created the "Kick the Killer Carb" 5 Day Challenge, 2019
  • Created the 28 Day Drop-a-Dress Size Method, 2017
  • Appeared in Woman Magazine, 2015
  • Qualified CobraFIT Exercise Coach, 2014
  • Founded Wellbeing-4-Life, 2008 
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